So you know how sometimes the internet can be a terrible place full of terrible people? And sometimes we moan and groan and put our heads in our hands because media, and television, and constant blaring pixelated whatever, and the whole shit-stained world is a place filled with awful people and terrible things, and nothing makes sense and we are all slaves to whatever machines we happen to be attached to at the moment?

Well, I’m happy to report that sometimes, sometimes! you fly to London on a whim to attend a convention for your favorite TV show, and you make some friends, and one of those friends ends up being a best friend, even though she lives 5,000 miles away, and then you make some other friends on the internet because you both love the same stuff so much, and then that one friend helps you send your other friend this awesome t-shirt for her birthday because you are all just silly girls who love Arrested Development and Game of Thrones

and sometimes the internet is just really really really really fucking great, and you send each other the exact same dumb selfies and you’re basically wearing the same exact thing on the same exact day and you have the same problems with work and life and you think the same boys are cute and sometimes you just want to throw your hands up and move to Scotland and marry a lumberjack or marry Syrio Forel and howl at the moon for a while.

Thank you SO SO SO SO much to Emily @ Arrested Westeros for sending the best. tshirt. ever. all the way to my dearest Matilda in Croatia!

Sometimes, you guys.

Sometimes all this stuff works in our favor.

(But also, clearly you know that we will all be BRUTALLY MASSACRED/BEHEADED/DRAGON-FIRED AT SOME POINT SOON because that’s how GRRM rolls, you guys. Can’t stay too happy for long!)